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Careers - Overview

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Whether you are taking classes to upgrade your skills or to earn a degree, Information Technology careers are hot and the outlook for the industry is very good!

Most programs wait to tackle careers and resume building until the latter part of their education, but we want to make sure you have a great start on your documents. As you progress through your program, your should update your documents accordingly. It's amazing how fast 2 years will go by.

As you go through our program, it is also a great idea to create a personal web site. Employers are looking for actual experience as well as your degree when hiring for new positions. A web site is a great resume addition and something your can create in later classes.

To get started, click on the Tasks and read the problem under the scope. Continue reading and completing items in the Tasks naviation. Be sure to use the resource links to work on this learning content.

You will submit work as identified in the Deliverables section.

Careers - Scope

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Learning about careers in Information Technology is very important. As you work for MCIT, you want to learn more about our company and the different careers that are available.

One of your first tasks research different careers in Information Technology.

It is also important that you have your personal documents completed and ready to go. Creating a quality resume, cover letter, references, and other job documents are vital to successfully landed that new job.

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Careers - Analysis

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Research Jobs

The goal of this section is to search jobs in Nebraska to see what is available.

  1. View the national website Career One Stop and browse the website to see what IT jobs are available for you.
  2. View the regional website Career Link and browse the website to see what is available for you to use. Optional: You can register with careerlink to upload your resume.
  3. View the Nebraska Depatment of Labor's website and browse the website to see what IT jobs are available for you.
  4. View the Labor Market Information for Nebraska to locate resources that you can use.
  5. Search NEworks for an IT-related position. Apply various advanced searching techniques. Review positions you are interested in. Optional: You can register with NEworks.
  6. Using one or more of the various job posting sites, locate 3 jobs that you are interested.
  7. Write a Career Summary that describes three IT-related jobs. Details of the job title, responsibilities and qualifications are included. Describe why the job is of interest.

Research Job Resources

The goal of this section is for you to research different styles of resumes and locate 3 different styles that you like and could use as inspiration for creating your new resume. NO RESUME TEMPLATES WILL BE ACCEPTED! YOU MUST CREATE YOUR OWN RESUME FROM SCRATCH.

  1. Research 3 different resumes that you like. You may find that you like the heading of one style, but the body of another style. Search the web for resumes and save 3 different styles you like.
  2. When you have the 3 styles you like, Mark up the document for
    • Which heading you like AND what you don't like
    • Which body you like AND what you don't like
    • Other comments about the styles you chose
  3. View O*NET OnLine to view job tasks. These job tasks can be used to help you write job duties from past employment. For Instance, if you were a waiter in a previous job and you are writing a resume for a computer programmer position. First, locate the job tasks for computer programmers. Then locate the job tasks for the waiter. Look at the task that was done the waiter job that could apply to the programming job and write your tasks accordingly.

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Careers - Design

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Creating Job Documents

The goal of this section is to create high quality job documents.

  1. View the Resume and Interview pages from Career Voyages website for help and tips on writing your resume.
  2. Write your resume.
  3. Write your heading section.
  4. When writing your education section, follow these guidelines:
    • The degree is most important
    • Use Anticipated Graduation Date if you haven't graduated yet.
    • What job you did is more important that where you worked.
    • Add in a skills area to include hardware and software that you have worked with.

Creating Your References

  1. Write your references.
  2. The references should include the following:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • City, State
    • Work Phone
    • Email

Creating Your Cover Letter

  1. View the Cover Letter pages from Career One Stop website for help and tips on writing your cover letter.
  2. Write your cover letter

Write a one page summary of the 3 careers you chose.

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Careers - Testing

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Testing Your Job Documents

The goal of this section is to ensure that your job documents are visually appealing, have adequate content and are free from spelling and grammatical errors.

  1. Locate three individuals to review your job documents and provide constructive feedback.
  2. Make the recommended changes.

High quality, error-free job documents are an integral part of successfully landing a new job.

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Careers - Evaluation

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Zip all of your deliverables.

Submit your work to your instructor for grading.

You have complete the career lesson!

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