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Hardware - Overview

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Every business has a purchase cycle for identifying computers and peripheral devices that need to be newly requisitioned or replaced. The purpose of this lesson is to identify and research vendor hardware in the microcomputer industry and to make a recommendation for purchase.

In IT careers you need to be up to date on hardware devices available on the market to support the business' needs. You will also need to understand hardware specifications as you consider adopting technologies. Learning basic hardware components will help you troubleshoot and properly maintain equipment.

Hardware - Scope

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You have been asked to review the two vendors selected by purchasing to make a laptop recommendation for the company standard purchase. This recommendation will need to be well-researched and meet the needs of the majority of standard users in the company.

Your recommendation will be approved or disapproved by management based on the accuracy and completeness of your research and recommendation. So make a good impression and do your research in the analysis step.

Hardware - Analysis

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The two vendors selected by purchasing are:

You weren't sure where to start so you asked a co-worker what you should do. Your notes are below:

  • Review the "Requirements" document (see resources) that was last completed via a technical and customer survey.
  • Conduct online research with in the laptop product line for each vendor.
  • Choose 2 "acceptable" models from each vendor.
  • Document the vendors/models/price/features in the "Requirements Spreadsheet" (see resources) to help identify features and price with each model.
  • From your analysis, choose one to recommend.

Hardware - Design

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Now that you have researched and documented potential laptop models, you will need to make a recommendation decision and document that recommendation to your department lead, Cindy McCall. You will also want a copy of your recommendation memo to go to the head of technical services, Gary Knuth.

Write a professional recommendation memo (use the format sample from the resources).

Hardware - Testing

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  • Double-check your facts included in the recommendations memo.
  • Make sure your information in the memo is correct with what is in your analysis spreadsheet and accurate to what is on the vendor's website.
  • Proofread the memo. Make sure there are no spelling, grammar or capitalization errors.

Hardware - Evaluation

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Submit your completed recommendation spreadsheet and recommendation memo.

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