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Internet - Overview

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With abundant information at our fingertips, it is critical that you conduct effective web searches yielding quality information. As more and more of the work today is done online, IT professionals need to be well-versed in the latest web browser software and able to optimize the features of a variety of browsers.

The word "cloud" is a metaphor for the Internet. When users diagram their network and want to show the connections to the Internet they use a "cloud" shape. The Internet has evolved from a collection of websites to a launch-pad for applications that run in the "cloud".

To be successful in school and in your career, you need to be proficient in using the Internet to find quality information and to effectively use cloud-based applications.

Internet - Scope

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Most companies have required training for all employees.

Your project involves completing required training. Then you will create a presentation about web browsers and summarize what you learned in a document shared to the team.

In addition, you will participate in an online meeting where your team will verbally share what each of you learned in this training.

Internet - Analysis

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Oftentimes this training is done with an online tutorial. You are to go through the online training found in the course (Internet MIX PowerPoint).

Be sure to complete the keyword and boolean search practice following the interactive presentation (found in online course topic).

After completing the online tutorial, you should conduct research on the most popular browsers. Collect information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each of the 4 most popular browsers. You will need that research for the next step.

Internet - Design

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In this phase, you will put together all your documentation. It will be important that your materials are available to your team so you will use cloud-based document-sharing tools.

  1. After completing all of the online tutorial and practice(previous step, analysis phase), create a Google Document (using Google Drive) describing when you completed the tutorial and add your name. Save this in your Google Drive. Also, download a .pdf version to your computer(flash drive).
  2. Create a Google Presentation describing the 4 common browsers. Include the advantages and disadvantages of each. Find statistics online regarding the percent of users who use each browser. Include information regarding how to customize the various browsers.(Use snipping tool, a browser add-in or Print Screen button). Save this in your Google Drive. Also, download a .pdf version to your computer(flash drive).
  3. Using Office365's Word program, create a document that summarizes what you learned from the training. You may want to include screen images of search tools or browsers to help illustrate your summary. Again, use screen images as appropriate. Also, download a .pdf version to your computer(flash drive).
  4. Create a DropBox account. Create a folder for this class. Name the folder "firstname-lastname-info1100". Share the folder with your instructor using their email. Put your three documents (from steps 1-3 above) into your shared DropBox folder.

Next, you will prepare for the online meeting.

Internet - Testing

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You will want to do a few things to test out the sharing and online meeting. It is good to test things out before you have to do it for "real".

Before attending the online meeting, you will want to test it out the folder sharing by testing it with a classmate, friend or co-worker.

Review the meeting agenda (this will be sent to you a few days prior to the meeting). Make sure you are prepared to participate according to the agenda topics.

You will be asked to record written minutes for the meeting. Refer to your resources to prepare you for that.

MCIT uses WebEx for all their online meetings. If you have not used that before, be sure to read through the resources for WebEx meeting.

Internet - Evaluation

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Attend the online meeting as scheduled. Participate verbally and share your screen when requested.

After the meeting, document the meeting by writing your minutes of what was discussed in the meeting.

Submit the deliverables.

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