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Emerging Tech & Issues - Overview

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In today's workplace you will encounter new and emerging technologies as well as new and emerging legislation/regulations that impact a business.

The purpose of this lesson is to review significant trends and emerging technologies and recommend how an innovative technology could be used in a business. In addition, any ethical or legal issues related to the new technology needs to be identified as part of the recommendation process.

Emerging Tech & Issues - Scope

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Your department had just been notified that you have a surplus in hardware budget dollars for the current budget year. Your leader would like to use that money to purchase some new type of hardware in order to evaluate it. Your team has been asked to review new and emerging technologies and give a well-researched presentation regarding what you'd recommend purchasing.

Your boss hasn't told you how much money she has to spend, so you need to focus on the type of emerging technology that might provide the best opportunity for the company.

Emerging Tech & Issues - Analysis

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Brainstorm all the new and emerging technologies that might be possible.

Conduct online research for each technology to determine what is the latest, cutting-edge items. Document your list as you will need to tell the boss what items you considered.

Select two or three promising hardware technologies and conduct detailed technical research (e.g. cost, speed, benchmarks, pictures of the product, legal issues, ethical concerns, testimonials, technical review, etc.)

Select the new and emerging product that you plan to recommend.

Emerging Tech & Issues - Design

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Now that you have decided which emerging technology to recommend, you will need to develop a professional presentation to deliver to your team.

When you asked another team member what the boss was looking for in this presentation, they gave you some advice and these are your notes below:

  • Watch the video on creating a basic PowerPoint presentation from YouTube. Microsoft also has several videos on various subjects concerning PowerPoint at their website: Microsoft PowerPoint Courses.
  • View the file attached below "Presentations Best Practices" to find out how to make your presentation shine! Do not place more than 7 words on a single bulleted line and no more than 7 lines per slide. No paragraphs allowed in a PowerPoint presentation!
  • Your presentation should include an explanation of the topic and category. Use images, text, key terms, and color to enhance your presentation. You are required to include at least three references. Do NOT directly copy information from the URL to your slide.
  • Prepare your presentation using PowerPoint. The presentation may be no longer than 5 minutes and should contain at least seven slides not including the title slide and ending slide.
  • On the first slide, be sure to include the name of your presentation, and your name as author. The last slide should include the URLs used in your research. They should be hyperlinks.
  • Be sure to list the other items you considered, because the boss will ask if you don't.
  • Make sure to list all possible legislation (e.g., copyright, privacy policies, etc.) that may impact the use of this technology in your business. Include any ethical issues that may arise (e.g., recording conversations, capturing photos, etc.).

Emerging Tech & Issues - Testing

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Practice giving your presentation. Time it. Make sure it is no longer than 5 minutes. Does your presentation have good visuals? Is it persuasive? Informative? Do all the links work?

If you are presenting in person, check out the projection equipment to ensure you know how to work it. If you are conducting an online presentation, make sure you are familiar with the online technology.

Emerging Tech & Issues - Evaluation

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Submit your completed presentation.

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