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Software - Overview

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You have been assigned a software project. In order for you to complete the project you will need application software programs installed and configured on your computer.

Your project manager left you a voice mail and gave you an assignment.

Software - Scope

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Your project manager left you a voice mail and gave you an assignment. Listen to the voice mail.

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You took pretty good notes. Refer to them as they are shown below.

Software you need:

  • A text editor to function as a development tool.
    Consider Notepad++ for Windows or Geany for Linux.
  • A wireframing tool such as Pencil from Evolus
  • Photo/image editing software such as GIMP or
  • A file transfer protocol program like FileZillaFTP

Note: Downloading software from Microsoft's Imagine program (formerly DreamSpark, formerly MSDNAA) is NOT recommended at this time.

Before you install the software you will need to conduct research about each software program. Your research will need to answer the following questions:

  • What type of software is it (commercial, open-source, freeware, etc.)?
  • Who owns the software? What is the software publisher's name?
  • What type of licensing terms are involved? If there are academic vs. commercial use differences, describe those differences.
  • What costs are associated for commercial use of the software?
  • How will the software be acquired (list website or vendor)?
  • What are the technical specifications required for software installation?
  • Will this software be compatible with your computer? If not, how might the issues be resolved?

Software - Analysis

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In this analysis phase, you will conduct all your research. Be sure to review the resources given to you. Fully read the websites related to this assignment.

Go back and reference your notes as you conduct this research to make sure you have considered all the requirements. Listen to your manager's phone call again too.

After completing your research, when you are confident the software will work on your computer, you may begin the installation in the design step. Make sure to describe information regarding the application software technical requirements and your system's technical specifications in your installation memo.

Software - Design

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In this design phrase you will complete the installation and configurations per your research analysis.

Complete the installation and customization of the software programs on your computer. For each software program, explore its features by accessing online and product help resources.

After exploring the software, you are asked to add the following customization and/or updates to each the programs.

Software Program Post-installation Task
NotePad++ Install these developer plugins:
  • TextFX Characters
  • Explorer
  • Webedit
  • Create a site connection to your account.

After completing your installation and software customization, write an installation summary to prove that your computer is equipped with the proper software and that you fully understand the purpose and function of each software program.

*Note: If you install a prroduct from the Microsoft Imagine website, for the actual installation, use the academic licensing the INFO department has through Microsoft. See resources list for instructions.

Software - Testing

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After installing all the software, be sure to run each one. Get familiar with the software by taking advantage of the software's help or online tutorials. Take note of any issues you have running the software or any problems using the software. Conduct on-line research at the vendor's website as well as a general web search to troubleshoot any problems.

Be sure to comment in your installation report how you tested the software. This will make your project manager comfortable that you will not have problems with the software later on.

Software - Evaluation

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Review your final deliverables. Carefully examine both documents for any typos, spelling or grammar errors. Review the evaluation rubric for this project and make sure you submit your most professional work.

You will submit your memo and report.

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